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Aruma Case Study


In the world of disability services, organizations grappled with the profound challenge of establishing a digital presence that not only conveyed compassion but also provided a seamless experience for individuals and their families seeking support. Many found it challenging to discover a partner capable of translating their noble mission into a user-friendly and empathetic online platform that truly reflected their commitment to inclusivity.

Our Solution

Enter Digital Genei, a digital marketing agency celebrated for its ability to craft purposeful online experiences. Understanding the unique needs of Aruma, we embarked on creating a website that not only communicated their dedication to disability support but also ensured ease of navigation for users seeking assistance. Our expertise in website development allowed us to build a platform that goes beyond mere functionality, it stands as a testament to Aruma’s ethos, providing a welcoming digital space for those in need, and fostering connection and understanding.

Our Impact

The impact of our collaboration with Aruma transcends the digital realm. Through the website we developed, Aruma can now effectively reach out to individuals and families in search of disability services. This platform serves as more than a virtual space; it is a reflection of Aruma’s commitment to inclusivity. Offering a user-friendly experience that radiates warmth, the website stands as a digital extension of the support and care that Aruma extends to its community. Explore the profound impact of our collaboration by visiting Aruma.

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