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Masoori Pret Case Study


In the ever-evolving world of fashion, Masoori Pret faced the challenge of establishing a distinctive brand identity. As a provider of ethnic wear, they recognized the importance of visually appealing graphics to showcase their unique designs and capture the attention of fashion enthusiasts. Masoori Pret sought graphics that not only highlighted the intricate details of their clothing but also conveyed the essence of elegance and cultural richness.

Our Approach

Digital Genei, a creative powerhouse in the world of graphic designing, embraced the challenge by delving into the heart of Masoori Pret’s brand. Our approach involved crafting graphics that not only showcased the diversity of their ethnic wear collection but also communicated the brand’s commitment to sophistication and style. From highlighting the texture of fabrics to presenting the intricate patterns, our graphics work aimed to create a visual narrative that resonated with the target audience.


The impact of our graphics work with Masoori Pret is evident in the enhanced visual storytelling on their website. The graphics not only elevate the presentation of their clothing line but also contribute to a stronger brand identity. The visually captivating website has resulted in increased engagement and a positive perception of Masoori Pret as a go-to destination for elegant ethnic wear. Explore the transformative graphics work on Masoori Pret’s website here and experience the fusion of tradition and contemporary fashion.


Masoori Pret

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