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Our software
development services

We have a flexible approach to customize software

Custom application development

We create brand-new solutions to bring your idea to life. We will, where feasible, integrate/interoperate with other platforms and products.

Platform-based product customisation

With profound knowledge of tech platforms and components, we create software with an optimal set of out-of-the-box and custom features.

Redesign existing applications

Where a product is not performing at the optimal level, we can redesign it, revamp the code, and migrate to new platforms.

Digitally transform your business

Make your business more efficient and productive through a range of customised software solutions. You can start to create value today and in the future through.
  • Manage business processes from HR through to finance – ERP Systems, process automation

  • Enable employee collaboration – Project management, HRM solutions, Knowledge management, Document Management
  • Engaging customers – Customer portals, chatbots, feedback, service automation, multi channel marketing

  • Sales and analytics – CRM systems, data management, analytics and marketing automation
  • Online transactions: payment management systems
  • Online supplies management: inventory management systems
  • Decision making: Performance analytics, data visualisation and storytelling, risk management systems

Why choose us?

Access a plethora of expertise from analysis, design, project management to full-stack developers all under one roof. Throughout the project you can count on our web development team to be proactive hands on and working to develop the best product that meets your needs.

Strong team of developers

Access QA engineers, DevOps, full-stack developers, project managers, business analysts, and product designers with a diverse range of experience accumulated over a number of years.

Regular releases

The benefit of having such seasoned web developers on board allows our team to deliver more in each sprint, thanks to pre-build components and our own templates.

Monitoring the code transparently

To help you make sure that your codebase is clean, dependable, and free of technical debt, we will also offer in-depth code analytics in addition to thorough software testing and quality assurance.

Innovate with technology

Innovate your processes or products to optimise performance and make sure that your product stands out from the crowd:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Use AI technology to create AI-powered apps and drive the intelligent redesign of your company’s technology, processes, and workflows.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Craft innovative custom AR apps to merge the digital world with reality to produce quick, immersive, and personalised solutions.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Build unique and interactive custom VR apps to solve complex business challenges, enhance revenue opportunities, and save costs.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

To boost productivity, automate business processes such as your supply chain, data entry and after sales service support.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

Develop ground-breaking IoT-powered solutions that gather real-time intelligence from linked assets and drive up levels of efficiency.

Data Analytics

Comprehend your vast amounts into informed decisions to assess consumer behavior, foresee market developments, and predict future results.

Our custom software delivery mechanism

Our specialised software delivery mechanism can start building software from scratch or can continue from any step of the software lifecycle. Even after the successful installation of the software solutions, we offer long-term maintenance and support services for the installed software to ensure your business’s consistent growth.

Data-Driven Analysis

Functional requirements, such as what purpose a product must do and what kind of features and functions it should include, and the nonfunctional requirements, which comprise the quality attributes of the software solution, are taken into account best to serve the customer’s needs by our business strategists.

Creating Wireframes And Prototypes

Our team creates wireframes and prototypes based on the products from the business analysis phase to evaluate the viability of the software and obtain early feedback.

Designing Product

The requirements and prototypes gathered by our UI/UX designers are transformed into product design. We create user personas along with the product usage scenarios, navigation, and interactive elements.

Software Development

Pixelette Technologies creates tailored solutions following the best Agile principles, dividing the process into brief loops with prompt delivery of the finished product while prioritising the solutions’ simple management, integration, and scalability.

Ongoing Quality Assurance & Testing

In order to monitor programme behaviour and performance as well as determine the overall functional health of all software components, we combine our development operations with ongoing quality assurance and testing.

Ongoing Maintenance & Support

Depending on your needs, we provide a choice of software support options that address a range of issues, including software upgrades, functional enhancements, performance monitoring, and more.