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The National Hotel Case Study


In the competitive hospitality industry, The National Hotel faced the challenge of creating a visually compelling online presence. As a hotel aiming to attract guests for a delightful stay, they recognized the importance of graphics that not only showcased the facilities but also conveyed the warm and welcoming atmosphere of their establishment. The National Hotel sought graphics that would entice potential guests and provide a glimpse into the hospitality experience they offer.

Our Approach

Digital Genei, a creative hub for graphics, embraced the challenge by understanding the unique character of The National Hotel. Our approach involved crafting graphics that not only highlighted the comfort and amenities of the hotel but also conveyed the essence of the guest experience. From showcasing well-appointed rooms to capturing the ambiance of communal spaces, our graphics work aimed to create a visual journey that invites potential guests to imagine themselves in the welcoming embrace of The National Hotel.


The impact of our graphics work with The National Hotel is palpable in the immersive visual experience on their website. The graphics not only serve as a virtual tour of the hotel but also contribute to a positive perception of The National Hotel as a destination for a memorable stay. The visually inviting website has resulted in increased user engagement and a heightened appeal to potential guests. Explore the captivating graphics work on The National Hotel’s website here and envision the charm of a stay at this welcoming establishment.


Masoori Pret

The National Hotel