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                             Blockchain Games, a video game and Ethereum Web3 wallet and platform corporation, has raised 4.5 million USD in a pre-Series A round SAFE from strategic gaming and blockchain investors, adding its sum raised to fractionally more than 13 million USD.

BITKRAFT Ventures, CMT Digital, The Xchange Company, Khaled Verjee, and Zyshan Kaba were among those who participated. Horizon’s mission is to deliver the synergistic economy and potential of Web3 and Ethereum to gamers, customers, and developers alike through solutions designed specifically for regular web users. Bitkraft Ventures, CMT Digital, The Xchange Company, Khaled Verjee, and Zyshan Kaba are among the investors.

Skyweaver, Horizon’s inaugural game, is a professional digital trading card game that uses blockchain technology to offer gamers a more genuine sense of possession over their virtual cards. Cards can be traded, exchanged, or removed from the network and stored once they have been acquired via playing with other gamers.

In a conversation with GamesBeat, Michael Sanders, the creator of Horizon Blockchain Games, stated,

“We have a lot of enthusiasm over bringing on Bitkraft as an investor, strengthening our connection with CMT, who has been our partner since early 2020, and this is extremely important”. “We are ecstatic to be among their first-ever blockchain and Web3 investments”.

“As we advance the use of Ethereum and blockchain technology, this year will be historic for Horizon Blockchain Games”

Peter Kieltyka, CEO of Horizon.

“Blockchain is made easy, enjoyable, and available for common people with our Sequence crypto and NFT wallet, as well as our game Skyweaver. We are ecstatic to release both items this year, allowing nearly everyone with Internet access to engage in and profit from the decentralized web, the next era of the Internet”.

NFTs have surged in popularity in a variety of fields, including art, sports memorabilia, and music. One instance is NBA Top Shot (a digital version of collectible basketball cards).

Horizon is now focusing on multiple concurrent paths: On one path, they are developing Arcadeum, an Ethereum-powered system for interacting with in-game items, which would identify who controls each specific instance of an item and allow it to be verified exchanged, purchased, or gifted from player to player.

Horizon cannot take an item away from a player once it is in their hands; they may use, trade, or sell it, as they want. They will eventually offer up this system for other developers to build on. On the other hand, the company is developing its own game, SkyWeaver, a digital trading card game that will flourish in its own right while also promoting the platform.

The previously mentioned “Arcadeum” has been renamed “Sequence,” a simple-to-integrate pockets system that aims to eliminate the blockchain’s complexity. Consumers should be able to buy and store digital things on the blockchain without the requirement for either the user or the app developer to think about the blockchain.

According to Horizon co-founder Michael Sanders, the renaming coincides with a generalized expansion of the company’s emphasis. Horizon had planned to offer Skyweaver to the public in 2020, but it is still in beta phase as of this morning, with intentions to open to the public later this year. According to Sanders, they have committed over 66,000 gamers so far.

“We truly think that every firm will be a Web3 firm in the coming decade and that every individual with internet access will have a Web3 wallet”. Sanders stated, “And this is where we’re going”. “This manuscript has been in our possession since 2018”. And it is fantastic to see even more initiatives come online, each with more verification”.

Horizon provides end-users with a game and a user-friendly wallet to access Web3, as well as tools for developers to create the future of a genuinely decentralized internet.

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